When Storms Move Through

Springtime can bring storms moving through our valley at a rapid pace. Yesterday was one of those days. Because I live on a hillside, I have the blessing of a stunning view of each storm when is it far off, near, in the valley, and then moving on. The day started off with clouds, then sunshine, and actually got warm enough that all of us, like busy bees, came out of our hives to begin working outside.

I gave my newly planted raspberry plants some TLC. Then went to dig out a flower bed which will be receiving a makeover. And then my husband and I began burning last year’s weeds. I was standing in the sun, relishing the lovely day. However, we could see the dark clouds coming as yet another squall was approaching.

When Storms Move Through Things Change Quickly

Within just a few minutes, the wind picked up, the clouds moved, and, by the time we finished our project, the rain was falling. We went inside and later, looking out, remarked on how beautiful the valley was – green and gorgeous in the sunset.

Today is magnificent with no clouds or wind and the sun shining. I couldn’t help but reflect on the way a small storm can change our entire outlook. I went from wanting to be outside working to just wanting to be inside – away from the cold wind and rain.

Stormy Seasons Can Move Quickly

Like you, I’ve had the stormy seasons in my life. The times when you are on top of the world one day, and in the valley of despair the next. Then, just as you get yourself half-way back up the mountain, along comes another storm that washes you back into the valley. It seems that things just stay that way for awhile and then, the magnificent days come back again.

It’s hard to keep your chin up in the middle of the storms. In fact, you often don’t want to and don’t care! In those times, we need friends who will just sit quietly with us and let it be. Sometimes, all you need is a smile sent your way when the sun is gone behind dark clouds and so is your mood!

When Storms Move Through – God is Greater

Psalm 107:28-29, “In their distress, they called out to the Eternal, and He saved them from their misery. He commanded the storm to calm down, and it became still, A hush came over the waves of the sea…” The Voice.

The storms on the inside of us can be calmed just with a word from God. Just Jesus saying, “Peace – be still.” Even if the circumstances don’t change, we do. Yesterday, during the storm we physically went inside. Sometimes, in a life-storm, we need to go inside spiritually.

Find a Quiet Place away from the wind, rain, and Dark Clouds. Stay there until the ‘still’ comes.

Stay There Until Your Perspective on the Storm – the one raging on the outside – Changes.

When the Storms move through, We Just Need One Word from the Master – Peace – Be Still

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Fleda. Just the reminder I needed. You have a very special way of speaking God’s truth.

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