What Will Be Is the Key

What WIll Be is the Key
What Will Be replaces What Could Have Been and stops the loop of regret.

What Will Be is the key. That isn’t what I always think. Sometimes I get caught in a loop of “If Only,” or “What Could Have Been” or “What if….” I think we all do. What if I had taken that great job? What if I had left that relationship sooner? We wonder what could have been if only we had…. Or, what could have been if they had lived? There are so many.

We may think – if only I had learned to **** when I first thought about it 5 years ago. Then we think – why don’t I do it now? Then we say, “I’m going to do it now!” And, we do. The if only loop closes because we put an action at the end of it. What Could Have Beenis replaced with What Will Be!

The Recurring Loop

More often than not, however, the loop is recurring. The outcome is regret – “feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity). Google Dictionary.” Regret is a strange phenomenon in our lives. We have a choice to either learn and grow from whatever situation caused the regret or to remain in it. Staying there does nothing. You are just remaining where you were. It is like setting up a monument to the sadness and disappointment and then staying caught in the loop.

It pulls you down unless you choose to Master it. The true Master, Jesus, can take that regret and use it as fuel for your future. Then, you can walk away. All you have to do is remember what you learned and walk on in that wisdom!

What Will Be Brings Opportunities for Being in Control

What Will Be is the key and gives us so many opportunities to be in control of ourselves and our lives. In fact, every single day offers that opportunity. For instance, I can choose to let the news master my emotions or choose to remember who is actually in control and be at peace.

Master your days by letting The Master control you.

Does that mean we should never have regret or sadness; never look back; always be floating on a cloud? Of course not. It just means that our lives should not be out-of-control for very long. I have moments of it, like the other night when one of my dogs decided to bark at regular intervals throughout the night at nothing! I got mad more than once, which had a momentary effect. Then, his two-year-old brain forgot and he barked again – repeat – repeat – repeat.

There are times when reviewing a past incident can move clarity forward into the present. Here is the key. Like anything else, don’t stay there.

What WIll Be is the key to the door that lets you move up and out. Learn and keep going. Stop the loop by taking action. Take control by giving control to The Master. Regret and what could have been will be in the past – you will not.

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