The Journey Really Begins!

The journey really begins with my first book being published. It also begins with my first blog post on my new website. I am just beginning the process of being a professional writer. I have written for most of my life and given small bits of it away. Now I am actually publishing and blogging. 

The majority of my writing will have a Christian Theme.  However, my new book is also available on Amazon! Here’s the link.

Front & Back Cover of my Upcoming Book!

I am excited about my venture. I am also part of Lanyap Corner and the publishing side of Lanyap. Lanyap (Lagniappe) is a Cajun word meaning – a little extra. Our goal is that everyone we know would live life in the exta!  This will be the place where you can buy my books and others. We will be ready to launch by the end of January 2019!

In the meantime – I will be blogging excerpts of my book and others – as well as telling you about our adventure in learning how to self-publish!

I will be blogging regularly so please come back and see me – Fleda

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