Making God Small

I know we don’t mean to, but we do.
When we think we are making Him large, we sometimes make Him small. How?

Joe has applied for a few positions at various firms. He now has a choice between two jobs. He has prayed and prayed, sincerely asking God for guidance as to which one he should take. After all, he doesn’t want to make a mistake. He genuinely wants to be in God’s will. Over and over, Joe has committed the whole thing to God, put it in the hands of a big, big God. However, Joe isn’t getting any clear sign as to which job to take. They are fairly equal, each having good and bad points.

Finally, Joe prays and says, “God, unless you close the door, I’m going to take job A.” The door doesn’t close, and Joe goes to work at job A. Three weeks later, things happen, and Joe is sure he made a big mistake and can’t understand why God didn’t give him a clear answer. The job doesn’t turn out to be what Joe thought it was and his supervisor seems to suddenly dislike him.

Look Past the Moment, The Feelings, The Circumstances

Joe just made God small by assuming Job A was a mistake. First, he’s only been on the job a short time. Second, he’s only thinking about his initial disillusionment with the job. Third, he isn’t trusting that God is so big that He can take any situation and use it for Joe’s good. Could God have spoken and said, “Joe, take job B.” Yes. Ok – how many times does that really happen? Not often. Instead, God encourages us to use the mind of Chris,t which He gave us, to make decisions. Even if those decisions suddenly look like mistakes, it doesn’t mean they are. God isn’t that small. Fourth – even if it was a mistake, there are lessons to learn and other jobs to be had.

Joe made God small by making the circumstances larger than God. Joe made God small by making his own emotions bigger than God.

We do it all the time. I do it. I pray about a situation, then it doesn’t look like I thought it would, I make God small by immediately declaring the whole thing to be a big mistake. My emotions take over and I think I can’t hear God. Once again, I make Him small. Yes, I can block His voice out if I really want to. However, I don’t. I want to hear Him. Just because something doesn’t look or feel like I thought it would, does not mean I didn’t hear or He didn’t speak. It means I had preconceived ideas about the result and how it would look and feel. It means I made those things bigger than God.

I like to hear practical advice from people. I think the Bible is a very practical book. However, some of it makes no sense at all. For instance, take faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen. Ok. I’m hoping for something I can’t see, feel, or smell. However, faith is supposed to be the evidence of it. Thing is, I can’t see, feel or smell faith either!

Faith says God is bigger Than Any Circumstance

Now, I completely understand what is being said and required. What I see, feel or smell is NOT the proof of whether or not I heard God or am in His will – like being at the correct job. Faith says that God is so big, that if I put my trust (faith) in Him, He will get me where I need to be.

The journey to job C may require time spent at jobs A & B. I can’t see that, but I have to trust that He is in control. He is not so small that He can be restrained by what I see, feel, or hear!

“So, the Impossible is Possible with God.” Luke 1:37

If nothing is impossible for God, then why do I believe He can’t possibly get me where I’m supposed to be? Doesn’t make much sense does it? My imperfection is no obstacle to Him. A bad decision on my part, is no obstacle to Him. In a few years, Joe is going to realize that Job A, the mistake, taught him some invaluable things which enabled him to apply for the great job he now has.

The “mistake” turned out to be part of God’s plan to get Joe to the right place. In the process, however, Joe made God small. Of course, not even that is an obstacle to God. He simply looks down and says, “Oh, his/her heart is still mine and that’s all I want.” If God wants to do something, there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop Him. If He wants to pour out His love on me then He will pour it out. No mistake can stop that. I can ignore it, but He still pours it out.

My Mistakes and Failures Are No Obstacle to God

Faith is one of the most impractical, practical things in our lives. A thing with no earthly substance is the substance of every heavenly thing! We are not asked to have faith in circumstances or our own decisions. We are asked to have faith in God. He’s huge! He is infinite. He is amazing! Even if Joe did make a bad decision, God is so big that it doesn’t matter. Stick with Him, and He will work it out.

The presence of a mountain in the midst of your path does not mean you made a wrong turn. It means you get to practice faith. Trials and problems do not mean you lack faith or didn’t hear God. It’s just the opposite. You have enough faith to get through, not around – smack dab through the middle.

Don’t Let Anything Convince You That God is Small

Our enemy wants us to make God small. Don’t fall for it. Our mistakes, shortcomings, sin, failure, and questions are all big to us and small to an Omnipotent, Omnipresent, All Powerful, All Loving, conquering God and Savior. He recognizes how large they are to us. However, we aren’t supposed to be looking at them. Our eyes are to be fixed on the author and finisher of our faith and there is nothing bigger or more important.

If you make a mistake, a wrong decision, give it God. He will take it and make it beautiful. Yes, it might be hard – the best things are. But no matter what you or I do, or do not do, our God is never smaller than what we have done or not done. He is never smaller than our circumstances; never smaller than our obstacles; and, never smaller than our pain.

He is above every emotion; every fear; every negative thought; every enemy; and, we are to live above them as well.

Whatever happens, make God as big as you can possibly make Him. Because – He is!

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  1. Great story…we second guess God and ourselves…I love how God helps us with our faith…building it …I appreciate what a great and mighty God he truly is! Thanks for your writings, my friend!!

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