Here are a couple of links for my favorite needles for knitting sock. Addie Flexi Flips and Knitter’s Pride 9″ Circular Needles.
You can choose from a variety of sizes.

I love to knit. I love the needles. I love the yarn. Going into a nice yarn shop feeds my soul with wonderful colors and textures. I love the more expensive yarns because of the textures. I particularly like to knit socks. However, since the birth of my Great Granddaughter, Autumn Rae, I have been making baby things. Such fun. My Grandmother taught me to crochet when I was young and my Mother has crocheted beautiful things – bedspreads, curtains, doilies, and much more. So, for years, I crocheted. Then I discovered knitting and have never stopped.

I usually make things and give them away! I have sold a few of my socks but given away far more. So, for me, socks are a money-losing hobby! Lots of hobbies are that way. You do them for pleasure. I like to ride my motorcycle and that is not a cheap hobby. I do it because of the friends and unique experiences I’ve had while riding. I make socks because of the satisfaction I feel when I’m done. Then I enjoy giving them away to surprised friends.

Friends of mine tell me they have tried to knit but it isn’t relaxing. I totally understand, but, for me, it’s the exact opposite. I enjoy looking for yarn – mostly on the internet. Once I find brands I particularly like, I tend to stick with them. Going to a yarn shop is a delight to my soul. And, a danger to my pocketbook!

Why am I telling you about this? Just for the fun of it. Everyone’s lives are a mixture of beautiful facets. As we get to know one another, we learn about what the other person likes and does, hates and won’t do, enjoys, and who they are inside. The facets create the circles we are in. One of my circles is Women On Wheels. Another circle is any yarn shop! Another circle is church.

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  1. I feel the same way except it’s fabric and quilting. I give most of mine away too. It is relaxing and so fun to choose the fabric for a special project. I think I even have one of our grama’s quilts she gave me when I was married. I remember her beautiful tablecloths and doilies. Thanks for sharing.

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