Knitting for Love

It’s Knitting Wednesday

Yes – She’s the Most Beautiful Great Granddaughter in the World! The Dress is Nice Too.

She is perfection!

I made this dress for Autumn. I got the pattern from Ravelry. If you haven’t discovered them yet, go there right now by clicking on the name above. They have so many patterns for knit and crochet. This one is called Bloom by Georgie Nicolson. It cost $6.00 but was well written, easy to follow, and can be made for many sizes. Ravelry is wonderful because you can create your own library, mark your favorites, do searches for just what you want, and there are lots of free patterns. It’s a great resource.

The yarn I used was fabulous as well. It’s called Sublime. It’s a silk merino, 4 ply yarn, very soft, and great for babies or those who just love soft yarn. Sometimes soft yarn doesn’t hold its shape very well, but this does. I took a chance based on recommendations and will use it again because, as you can see, it was perfect. The color looks like pink but is actually called Peach. I ordered it from Webs and here is the link to go right to it. Started it on a smaller needle and then switched to a 16″ circular for the body. It went quickly.

I used to love making large projects but over the years, I’ve come to appreciate something smaller. I can finish it before I get tired of seeing it! I used to make quilts – as in a queen size, fully hand-constructed quilts. I no longer do things like that! Been there. Done that. Have the quilt but no longer have the patience to do it again!

It’s easy to make something for someone else when there is love involved! All Grandmothers around the world will agree. And, it’s even more fun when you really like the yarn. For me, it’s important to like the color. Otherwise, I get tired of it before I finish and – sometimes don’t finish if I dislike the yarn. I’ve had that happen even with yarn that was lovely to the eye but poorly spun or made from cheap sources.

Anyway – thought you would enjoy seeing my project and knowing more about it.

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