Embracing a New Theme for Life

Embracing a New Theme For Life included this beauty!

Embracing a new theme for life – here’s an example. At the age of 59, I started riding a motorcycle. That was a theme no one, including me, ever thought I would add to my life! My husband had wanted a motorcycle for several years. One of his brothers rode one and was encouraging him to do the same so that they could ride together. With the help of his brother, he found one near where we live. We were at a point in our lives where we could afford the luxury, and, although I was not interested, we agreed to buy it.

Don fell in love. Here’s the problem – so did I! It was truly a beautiful bike. Candy apple red with tons of chrome. A Harley Davidson Softail Heritage in mint condition. When I saw it, there was just something about it that drew me. After we got home, I asked Don to take me on a ride. A little shocked, he agreed to.

I Embrace a New Theme for Life

On that ride, I embraced a new theme for life – I wanted to ride. I didn’t enjoy being on the back. Don had some knee issues and when he would stop, it was very rough and a little tipsy. He didn’t think that was true, but it was. After the second or third ride, I knew that I wanted my own. However, there was another problem. I was petrified. Yet, there was a pull that allowed me to overcome.

I signed up for the STARS course. It is a motorcycle safety class and teaches you how to ride, maneuver, etc. I had never in my life been the driver of a motorcycle. When I got there, I was the oldest person in the group. At the end of second day, which included me dropping my bike at a near-stop, I found out there would be a riding test where each person had to ride a course, alone, while everyone else watched. I knew I wasn’t very good and when I got home, I told Don I wasn’t going back. I was so afraid to take the test. He encouraged me, so back I went.

I Embraced a New Theme – Overcoming Fear

To say that I was scared was a massive understatement. I thought I would crash every time I got on. I took the test. At the end, each person was called by one of the instructors and told privately what their results were. The kind man I walked up to, looked down at me and said, “How do you think you did?” I smiled and said, “Well, if I passed, it was by the skin of my teeth.” He replied, “Exactly.” There was some relief. He told me that the only reason they had decided to pass me was because I knew what to do, I was just too slow. SLOW! I thought I was speeding! Really, I knew I was slow. What I also knew was that I was one-hundred percent in on this whole motorcycle thing!

The next day, Don bought me a Burgman Touring Scooter. I wanted it because it was an automatic and that would allow me to only focus on not dying! It did. For the first three to four days, Don rode the Burgman out in to the country for me. I followed in the car. Then he patiently followed me up and down, up and down, and around and around on the empty roads. Then, he informed me that I needed to go by myself. What? Ok. I did it. We lived in an area where the back country roads were plentiful and I could literally sit at a stop sign for fifteen minutes or so getting up the nerve to turn right. Little-by-little Don gently pushed me as I followed him, taking me places I didn’t think I was ready for yet. I was.

Embracing a New Theme – Wanting a Bigger Bike!

I embraced the new theme. In the 3 months I had the Burgman, I put three thousand miles on it. But, my eye kept drifting to Don’s bike. One day, I told him that I would really like to try riding his bike. He hid his reaction – oh no – and out we went. That was that. I wanted a bigger bike. I got one. A Heritage like Don’s. We traveled many, many miles together in the next few years – about ten thousand miles a year. Then, in 2014 I felt it would be a good idea for me to switch to a slightly smaller bike – my Softail Slim. That’s the bike I still ride.

In July of 2015, the unthinkable happened. While riding with a group of friends, Don (who was riding at the back of the group) lost control, crossed the center line and hit a truck. He died instantly. I was just in front of him, heard something, stopped, turned around and was there within about 2 minutes. I knew that whatever it was – it was bad. Turns out it was the worst. No one else was hurt, Don was gone. The paramedic who saw the accident was working on him, but he was gone and I knew it.

Embracing a New Theme for Life – Widowhood

I had no choice but to embrace my new, unwanted journey. A month after Don passed away, my son brought my bike back to my house. Long story of how that happened. I looked at, sat on it, and wondered if I could ride ever again. Then, Dan (my son) rode his bike over to visit me. Before he left, I asked if I could ride my bike behind him and just follow him to his house. Then, if I couldn’t do it, I could leave m bike there. I was fine. What had happened had nothing to do with the motorcycle, and the joy I felt while riding returned after a few weeks. The Theme had carried through.

Embracing a new theme doesn’t always mean embracing something that is easy. Embracing the theme of riding a motorcycle was a journey in conquering fear. It was also a journey of making wonderful memories, meeting new people, and finding a new freedom.

Conquering Fear

Embracing the themes or seasons that life may impose on you also involves conquering fear, but that is exactly what we are supposed to do. Conquering one small fear, gives you the push to conquer the next one. It is a lifelong process of embracing and conquering and I encourage you to that very thing.

I am very much at peace and was before I remarried. I am blessed and at peace with my new life which still includes the motorcycle theme. God took me through a long, dark time of mourning and beating cancer but His light was always there and I never completely lost hope.

Embracing new themes in life should always be happening. Your age or situation has nothing to do with it. Learn to take great photos with your phone. Start a journal. Take up a new hobby, a new job, develop a new passion for something in life. Go for walks. Be thankful and grateful every day. Being thankful and grateful every day can be a new theme in your life. It is free and will make every other part of your life better.

Go Forth and Embrace a New Theme for Your Life Today!

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