Embrace the Themes of Life

I am a River of Diverse Themes

Embrace the themes of life. They flow throughout time. Because I started a new blog, I have been doing a lot of thinking about what my message is – what my themes, my “brand” is. “Brand” is a big popular word. I know what the meaning is. The hard part is deciding what my message is. I’m not sure I have just one.

How do I brand Christianity, Knitting, and Women Riding Motorcycles? Sounds a little too diverse. However, those words are all a part of me and my life. So, have my tag line – Writing to Inspire Life. Hopefully, that is a wide enough parameter to fit everything into.

Life Themes – They Can be Scattered

All of us have scattered themes in our lives because variety really is the spice of life! Not only that, our themes may change. I didn’t start riding a motorcycle until I was 59. I started a new business at 69. When my children were born, they became the primary theme of my life. Then, as an empty-nester, my husband and I added new themes. There are some themes that stay throughout your life. For me, being a Christian is the base of my life. Like a river, it runs through all that I do and all that I am – a river of diverse themes all merging into one person – one theme – HIS.

My brand – Writing to Inspire Life – expresses my goal and a synopsis of my life. I am a very imperfect person. There are many things I wish I had done differently. I work on the imperfection moment-by-moment for a lifetime. I have accepted that I cannot change the past. My goal is to help others through what I have learned and am learning. I am one tiny voice sorting its way through millions who are far wiser than I, praying I help someone.

Embrace the Themes of Life and Use Your Voice

Still, I have a voice and I hope that my use of it truly inspires Life Themes in those who read it.

Embracing the Themes of Life also means that there will be some which are no longer your focus. I spent years – from age 23 to 65 – in church leadership, serving in every area there was. For 42 years, that was the predominant theme. Life changed and that theme flowed into a different river (theme). I have a small role in leadership but am no longer on a church staff. The season changed, and, with it, the appropriate theme. I spent years working two to three jobs at a time, including after my husband passed away. But the new life theme took me in a different direction.

The change of seasons and of themes is natural. In Ecclesiastes 3:1, Solomon said, “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven – “ I arrived at a time for a new theme. I met a wonderful man, remarried and have been able to retire and do the things I love – like writing. Writing was an underground river for most of my life. Now, it has broken through and taken over in place of the river of church life. While the theme has changed, the lessons learned do not.

Life Themes Are Like Containers

Embrace the Themes of Life
The themes and rivers may change but faith, once embedded in your being, does not.

Life Themes are like containers. The lessons continue to be part of each river, each theme. Once something like faith is part of your life, it sends out threads of life which spread that the theme (faith) into every other river and theme. Those threads bring strength and continuity to our lives. While there are parts of my faith which have changed over the years, the core has not. The threads may express themselves differently but their container remains unchanged.

Embrace the Life Themes in you and the diversity of your life!

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