Blocking Socks

It’s Knitting Wednesday

I just bought some sock blockers! Not a very exciting name but definitely functional. Here is what they look like. They are Knitter’s Pride Aqua Sock Blockers size small. Also bought the medium size. Smalls cost $13.12 for the pair. Not bad. Medium costs $14.40. They are sturdy and should hold up for a long time. They are about 16″ tall but flat so you can stand them up against a wall or lay them flat in a drawer.

I always read reviews on Amazon and it is quite entertaining. There were several people who complained about how rough the blockers were and how they snagged their socks. Perhaps it’s true, but the ones I purchased were very smooth on every edge. I ran my hands over each edge before I put one of my socks on because socks are a lot of work and the yarn is expensive! So, rather than take a chance, I checked first. Always a good idea.

Anyway, here they are with a sock on one. Wanted you to be able to see what they look like. Seems like they work great.

I bought them because I wanted my socks to look really nice when I give them away! I actually sell a few of them. In the past, I have blocked them just by lightly washing them, gently wringing, laying them out on a towel, shaping them and letting them dry.

The forms will produce a crisper look. Thanks for reading!

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