About Me


Having spent over forty years in ministry, doing everything from Funeral Dinners to being the Pastor, I know what it’s like to serve in a smaller or mid-size church. While it is wonderful, it also has its difficulties. As more and more women move into ministry positions, there is an increasing need for personal support and resources. Women Ministering is designed to meet that need. With resources for you personally and for your church, I believe we can build a community to support each other through the triumphs and trials of ministry. As women, we face unique challenges and need the support of others. I pray that you are built up and blessed as we grow together.

You already know my name but you may not know that I am a writer, author, and blogger. I love to laugh, be on the farm with my husband, ride my motorcycle and just enjoy life! I am a native Idahoan, born in Payette, Idaho. Except for about seven years of my life, I have always lived here and would not want to live anywhere else.

I am married to a kind, and gentle man and we live on our farm with two dogs, two house cats, and ten barn cats. It is a beautiful, peaceful place and we have an amazing view of the entire Emmett Valley, Bogus Basin, the Butte, and all the way to Oregon!

Just a small chunk of the view!

After retiring from my last two jobs in 2019, I am able to spend time just enjoying life. Well, except for starting this new business – this blog! But it is a labor of love.

Starting in 2015, I experienced the loss of my first husband, then cancer (and all the treatments which left me cancer free!) moving, meeting Roger, getting married and moving again. Needless to say, I’m ready for some rest. Most of all, I am thankful and grateful to God. My faith is the most important life – the hope and foundation I have had since I was young that brought me through to a place of peace and contentment.

I hope you will be inspired to live a life of abundance and that is the reason I am writing. It is my purpose. Thank you for reading – Fleda