New Year – New Horizons

Yes – it’s a New Year – 2019. Something about a new year gives us hope for new things in our lives. Maybe even letting go of some things from the past, replacing them with something better, or just getting rid of them altogether!

For me, this new year holds the promise of publishing my first book. Right now, all I have to do is hit the publish button in Kindle and it will all begin. In addition to publishing it there for print and eBooks, it will be available to purchase the print version at Lanyap Corner in the Book section.

At the same time, I am in the process of educating myself about the writing process. I believe that we need to be continually educating ourselves – opening our minds up to new things and new ways. Even though our current knowledge is wonderful, we need to be willing to expand our minds rather than being closed or stuck. “I’ve always done things this way and will not change,” is one way to look at life. For me, though I may struggle with some of the new ways (like learning a program called Scrivner!), I can still adapt and combine the new with what I already know how to do.

For instance, I am researching fonts. It is new to me to discover that there are some fonts which are not preferred for writing – particularly for eBooks. I personally do not care for Times New Roman at all. I’m tired of it. I like the newer fonts. However, many of the “recommended” fonts, to me, resemble Times New Roman. Now, I have to decide what to do. I have to make some compromises, blending what I like with what is needed.

At this time, I am working on two books. One is a re-write of something done about ten years ago. The other is new. As I am writing, I am also playing with various fonts to see what I like and then set that as my go-to font for the interior of all my books since continuity of style is also important. Then I have to choose one for Headings and another for the covers. Though it is a small thing, it is important.

Hopefully, we can all take advantage of this new year to learn and expand our inward and outward horizons. The education may be about small things or very large, life-impacting ones. Either way, it is good for us – being stuck is not. So, this year make it your goal to learn and improve as a human being, as a wife, husband, father, brother, sister, co-worker, friend or enemy, career, hobby – we all have things to learn. Don’t be afraid – forge ahead and you will be surprised at the things that can change in your life if you are willing to compromise what you like with what is needed and right.

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