Making Progress

My Beautiful Great Granddaughter – Autumn Rae – is making progress with her parents. Switching to that sweet smile was a perfect way to get then to do what she wanted!!!  Progress is good.

I started my book (How to Win When You Lose) in 2005!  It has gone through what feels like a thousand edits. It is my first actual “book” after years of writing things just to help people. I still want to help people, but want to expand my reach. I started rewriting it 2 years ago. Then, following advice from trusted friends, I hired an editor and I highly recommend her. The website is For Want of a Nail and her name is Kay ben-Avaraham. I learned so much. Next, I learned that I needed to have someone help me set up the manuscript for print – another big learning curve. Now that all this has been accomplished – progress – the book is actually ready to go live! 

It will be the first in a “How To” series. Upcoming: How to Accept God’s Answer; How to Pray; How to be Effective; How to Do the Stuff; and more!  Sometimes Christianity can appear to be a complicated life where you have to work at constantly being “spiritual.” I don’t believe this how God planned for it to be. Originally, He just wanted to walk in the garden and talk!

I’m really not sure what it means to be “spiritual.” The problem is that we have turned that into an unreachable goal for the average person. Instead, things should work more like they did when Jesus was here – just living and responding to people and normal life.

So, that’s my goal – just learning to be a Christian naturally and easily. My book will be available on Amazon very soon and then on The Lanyap Corner in January, 2019. I am excited to have this first step behind me and moving forward with more to come – Fleda

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